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Graduate Credit
Your graduate credit opportunities may vary depending on your course. Most of the PBS TeacherLine New York courses are eligible for graduate credit, but not all. Please check the information on this website through the semester offerings, write your facilitator, or contact PBS TeacherLine New York with any specific questions.

If you are eligible for credit, check your course syllabus to see how many actual hours your PBS TeacherLine course will require
of you. Then, use that number to determine how many graduate credits you can earn:
  • 15-hour PBS TeacherLine course 1 credit hour
  • 30-hour PBS TeacherLine course 2 credit hours
  • 45-hour PBS TeacherLine course 3 credit hours

How to Apply
  • Enroll in one or more PBS TeacherLine courses.
  • Wait until you begin your course. Approximately two weeks into the course, your facilitator will notify you of your graduate credit opportunities and specific instructions on how to apply.
  • If you are enrolled in a program of study, verify with your college or university that the credits are transferable.
  • Only after you have received instructions from your facilitator may you apply for your graduate credits.
  • You will have until the course end date (the last day of your course) to register and pay for your credits with either provider.

You must pay by credit card when you apply for your credits. This is a separate payment from your PBS TeacherLine New York cost and is NOT included with any promotions, discounts or state aide you may have received for your class. You are responsible for payment for all graduate credits.

These colleges and universities have previously granted graduate credit for TeacherLine courses. Please check with the institution for pricing information:


  • Arkansas - University of Arkansas
  • Colorado - University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
  • Indiana - Marian College
  • Iowa - Drake University
  • Iowa - Iowa State University
  • Massachusetts - Massachusetts College for Liberal Arts
  • Massachusetts - Merrimack
  • Massachusetts - Westfield State College
  • Minnesota - Minnesota State University Moorhead
  • Mississippi - Mississippi College - CEUs
  • Nevada - University of Nevada - Reno
  • New Hampshire - Plymouth State University
  • New Mexico - University of New Mexico
  • North Dakota - North Dakota State University
  • North Dakota - United Tribes Technical College
  • North Dakota - University of North Dakota
  • Ohio - Ashland University
  • Ohio - Cleveland State University
  • Ohio - Notre Dame College
  • Ohio - The University of Akron
  • Pennsylvania - Seton Hill University
  • Tennessee - Tennessee State University
  • Virginia - James Madison University
  • Washington - Seattle Pacific University
  • Wisconsin - Viterbo University
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