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"There is no other way to bring the inspiration and thought-provoking interchange with a diverse, experienced learning community into to your home on a regular basis without the need to provide lots of coffee/tea and goodies! Networking is critical in lifelong learning and I have yet to take a TeacherLine course where I do not connect with at least one other "student" in a professional dialog that continues long after the course is over.  It has even lead to collaboration on research and writing! It is so refreshing and re-energizing to dialog with other educational professionals about education - leaving the politics and day-to-day annoyances at the keyboard."

Susan M. Allen, Director of Libraries & Academic Technology, the Nichols School, Buffalo, New York

"I get so much out of a TeacherLine course that can't be summed up in a few words. I get more out of any one class and make longer lasting relationships with the other participants than any other workshop that I have attended!"

David Pelino, Lancaster Schools, Lancaster, New York
"TeacherLine has become my personal link to staying on top of key topics in education.  There are a variety of interesting courses to select from throughout the year.  I have found the course content to be of high quality and applicable to my job.  Oftentimes, I am using new ideas way before the course is over!  The facilitators will readily assist you in the learning process.  The fun part of TeacherLine is meeting new colleagues and sharing ideas with each other!"
Nancy Hadyn-Hawkins, Clarence School District, Clarence, New York
"PBS Teacherline courses are ideal for professionals like myself that have time constraints but insist on high quality professional development. As a professional development trainer as well as educator, I can testify, without reservation, that PBS Teacherline courses offer the highest quality techniques, content and facilitators with the invigorating bonus of interacting on a daily basis with educators from around Western New York. The participants serve as a resource to each other and build on ideas and concepts through daily dialogue, all completed with the flexibility of doing it in the convenience of your home. The knowledge I have gained has been utilized in a variety of educational settings and not only keeps me current with educational trends, but has expanded my technological expertise. For all of these reasons, I will be starting my 10th PBS course within the next few weeks!"
Kathy Gielow, Buffalo Public Schools, Buffalo, New York
"My recent participation in my first online course - a PBS TeacherLine course - was a phenomenal learning experience. Outstanding course content, clear assessments available at the start of the course, a learning community of focused energized educators across N.Y. who truly enjoyed collaborating through our discussion board conversations which were often a powerful mental workout, and the bonus of flexibility to complete engaging assignments anytime convenient for me within the week, made the PBS Teacherline course a truly model learning experience."

Debbie Fallon, Plainedge Public Schools, Bethpage, New York

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